Wall mounted bell comprising of a 1000 ohm magneto bell, 16c/s only. Housed in a wooden box.

Normally fitted with matched bell gongs, but where a distinctive tone is required, the following combination of 2.5in gongs can be used.
Bells-gongs No. 2 - Nickelled or oxidised
Bells-gongs No. 2A - Nickelled or oxidised
Bells-gongs No. 3 - Aluminium
Bells-gongs No. 17 - Steel or bronzed with concentric hole
Bells-gongs No. 12 - Cow gongs - cannot be fitted to Bells Nos. 1A or 59A.

This is a bell only and has no induction coil or other components.  Because of this it CANNOT be used as a direct replacement for a Bellset No. 1 or 25.

Therefore it should not be used as the only Bellset on a Candlestick or Telephone No. 162.

Adjustment of Magneto bells

Click here for the difference between a Bell and a Bellset


How to wire your Bell No. 1A to work on a modern telephone sockets

  1. Remove the metal link between terminals 2 and 3 and insert a 3.3K resistor
  2. Obtain a spade ended line cord.
  3. Connect the white wire of the line cord to terminal 1
  4. Connect the blue wire of the line cord to terminal 4


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Last revised: June 03, 2011