Traction Te1ephones

Pattern No. B430

Magneto Ringing

Comprises Hand Combination Transmitter and Receiver (damp-proof), Induction Coil, Magneto Generator, Two Dry Cells, Line Fuses and Carbon Lightning Protector, the whole mounted in Solid Paraffined Oak Woodwork, and fitted in cast iron Pole Box, provided with Brass Lock and wrought iron Fixing Bands.

This pattern Telephone has been designed to meet the requirements of a magneto ringing system of Traction Telephones. It is at present working with every satisfaction in many large towns. A small receptacle, with glass front, is provided in the door for the accommodation of an emergency Key for Police use if required. By means of four thumbscrews the whole of the internal parts are easily accessible.

Last revised: December 29, 2002