B480, B485 & B490

B480 B485 B490



Table & Wall Sets

Pattern No. B480, B485 & B490

Each comprises Hand Combination Transmitter and Receiver with Double Contact Key, Cord, Fixed Cradle, Induction Coil, Buzzer, Push Button, and Sliding Line Selector.

These convenient Intercommunication Wall Sets are particularly serviceable owing to the number of positions, some of which are illustrated above, in which they can be fitted, and also on account of their compactness, and neatness. The numbers on the labels can be so adjusted as to be readable in any position in which the instrument may be placed.

Attention is attracted by means of a Buzzer, and the necessary connection with the line of the person required is made with the Sliding Pointer (Selector).

In the case of Pattern No. B485 which is suitable for fixing on the side of a partition, or other fixture, it should be stated, when ordering, whether the instrument is to be hinged on the right, or left hand side of the partition.

Pattern No. B490 is adapted for fitting underneath a shelf, or other fixture.

When the Cradle for the Hand Combination cannot be conveniently fitted on the Set itself (as in Pattern No. B480), the support in question can he placed in any suitable position near the instrument.

5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 line models.

Last revised: January 01, 2003