PABX No. 3 Pictures

The GPO were not allowed to install any large PABX installation, so this was left to approved PABX suppliers.  The GPO/BT however, had to maintain the equipment once installed and connected to the Network.

The PABX 3 was installed by Ericsson/Plessey, GEC, TMC & STC.

Click here for Plessey PABX No. 3

Click here for GEC PABX No. 3

pabx3sw.jpg (45164 bytes) 5 position suite with cable turning section on right hand side.
pabx3sw1.jpg (42229 bytes) 4 position suite
pabx3_2.jpg (28043 bytes) The last two pictures were the apparatus rooms in Luton Police Station.  These were recovered around 1987 when they were replaced by a Digital PABX.


Rectifier and test set shown in middle of picture.  MDF to the right.

50 line extn rack on left with a 100 line extn rack on right.

Note on nearest rack:
Only one final selector on the top row - this an enquiry selector.

The row below this are finals selectors.

First selectors are on the bottom row with line finders above.


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Last revised: December 18, 2010