Standard systems come as 3+5 for the A309 and 4+8 for the A616.  These can both expanded to a maximum of 3+9 for the A309 and 6+16 for the A616.  Both systems accept terminals and POTS.  Door release and external conference are optional.


Terminals shown are Standard 6 key, Standard 12 key and Executive.  The executive terminal has an LCD and full handsfree.

A DSS console is also available.

A Series 309/ 616/ 824/1232 Socket Wiring

LJU 2/3A Wire colour MDF termination
2 Blue/White 3
3 Orange/White 1
4 White/Orange 4
5 White/Blue 2


To default the system
Set switch to CLEAR and power on, wait until the LED starts to
flicker and then set switch back to HOLD.


Picture courtesy of Rocom Ltd


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Last revised: March 04, 2006