GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model Minor
Type Minor Van (Morris)
Body Builder  
Use External Maintenance
Registration Number  
Fleet Number  
Date of picture  

Close up of the poster which is fixed by the four, quater turn screws

The last of the Minor Vans used by the Post Office.

These models had a steering lock!

This is a privately owned vehicle and is not representative, but gives a good idea of how the vehicle looked

The above vehicle would have been made to the GPO specification and in this case the vehicle has non-standard items which are:-

  1. Wrong GPO lettering (the colour looks right but the font is wrong)
  2. Stainless steel door tops, these should be black mild steel
  3. Ariel
  4. Number plate is far to modern
  5. The fog lamp (may) be correct as they could be fitted by MT but would be stamped GPO
  6. The bonnet on this van is off a car (the raised beading that follows the door bead is the clue, as are the wrong bonnet badges)
  7. The wheels should be painted black, without hub caps
  8. AA badge


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Last revised: September 27, 2009