GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model WEK 80 (5 ton chassis - 7 ton, 2 speed rear axle)
Type Line Construction Unit (Experimental)
Body Builder  
Use Installation of Poles
Registration Number 414 DXV
Fleet Number 18499
Date of picture 1962

Reference:- I.P.O.E.E.J. Vol. 55, Part 4

Application Pole erection and recovery and all forms of overhead construction.

General description
The unit described is the American Tel-E-Lect line construction unit and comprises a L.H. rear corner mounted derrick with pole hole borer, complete with utility body. The vehicle on which the equipment is mounted is a forward drive BMC 5/7 ton chassis/cab.

Stabilizing jacks are provided to maintain stability during lifting and boring operations.

All movements of the derrick, borer and jacks are hydraulically controlled from a control panel at the rear of the vehicle. An auxiliary hydraulic connection enables a pole jack and tamper supplied with the unit, to be operated from the hydraulic system. The derrick has full circle slewing and an extendable section on which the borer is mounted enabling holes to be bored at a radius of up to 23 feet. A fibre-glass cage can be mounted on the end of the derrick which enables overhead work to be carried out up to 34 feet above ground. A pole bolster has been added which enables a number of poles to be carried on the unit.


Derrick - 1 ton at 4 ft. radius height 34 ft. max. - 10 cwt. at 23 ft. radius height 3.5 ft. mm.

Pole Jack - 20 tons max. lift.

Borer - 12 in. and 16 in. diameter holes up to 8 ft. deep.

Dimensions - Travelling position - length 21 ft. 9 in.; Width 7 ft. 6 in.; Height 12 ft. 3m.

Weight - 7.5 tons unladen.

Transport Maximum permissible speed on Public Highway - 40 m.p.h.

Capital cost - 6,500.

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