AECo Automatic Electric Company, Chicago, USA.
AEI Associated Electrical Industries (successor to Siemens Brothers).
AEP Automatica Electrica Portuguesa (Portuguese subsidiary of ATM Ltd)
ATE Automatic Telephone & Electric (ATM was renamed ATE in 1936).
ATM Automatic Telephone Manufacturing Company.
Autelco Automatic Electric Company, Chicago, USA.
AWA Amalgamated Wireless Australasia.
BHOTCo British Home & Office Telephone Company.
BTM, BTMC Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company, Belgium.
BWE hobbyist expression for British Western Electric (see WECo)
Centrel Portuguese manufacture that acquired the assets of the Plessey factory in Portugal for £1 in 1979. It made 700-type telephones under licence.
CS Communication Systems Ltd (ATE subsidiary).
DeTeWe Deutsche Telephon Werke, Germany.
Etelco, ETL Ericsson Telephones Ltd.
GEC General Electric Company Ltd.
H&BIWC Helsby & British Insulated Wire Company.
K&S Kapsch & Shne, Austria.
LME L.M. Ericsson,  Sweden.
MT Merk Telefonbau (or similar), Germany (T&N was the parent firm).
PTEW Phoenix Telephone & Electrical Works.
RATCo Relay Automatic Telephone Company.
RTC Reliance Telephone Company.
SB & Co. Siemens Brothers & Company.
S & H, S-H Siemens & Halske, Germany (no connection with SB & Co after 1914).
SER Svenska Elektron Rr (an LM Ericsson subsidiary).
STC Standard Telephones & Cables .
TEL What many people mistakenly assume the ETL symbol means.
T&N Telefonbau & Normalzeit GmbH, Germany (Telephone Construction & Standard Time Company).
TMC Telephone Manufacturing Company.
WECo Western Electric Company (UK subsidiary became STC in late 1920s).
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