Admiralty Telephones

Admiralty Pattern (AP) Telephones

There are a number of telephones used aboard UK Royal Navy ships. They can be either both CB and Automatic versions, normally with a metal 'dial label'.

The Bakelite cased 'table' type is often mounted on a wall bracket and uses Gecophone cases (GEC) with an internal circuitry made by AEI Ltd at Spennymoor.

All patterns have elaborate clips for restraining the handset in heavy seas.

Colours: Black (table telephone), grey (wall telephone).

User:   British Royal Navy.

Why use sound powered telephones?

AP12687 AP12932


So-called 'Ships Gecophone' made by AEI So-called 'Ships Gecophone' made by AEI



Slim version of the all metal telephone.  Handset is well located on the frame to hold in place during stormy weather.

Made by TMC.

Uses a handset AP12690



Made by AEI and used some GEC components.

The Handset is numbered AP12691.



Handset removed exposing the Handset retaining mechanism


Close up of the Handset retaining mechanism in the unlocked position


Circuit diagram for telephone above
Click here for how to convert to UK PST system


Handset AP12691

This handset was used on many of the Admiralty telephones



The phone in the pictures below shows a plate below the glass lens saying `MK XV AP13231 A TELE. MFG. Co. LONDON (TMC).  On the very top there is a plate saying GWR.  There is also an engraved number on the box stating AP 12570.   The phone weighs nearly 7kg and the dimensions are around 8" wide x 9.5" high x 8" depth.

This is a sound phone and requires no power to speak or ring.

Front view showing the model number plate
Looking down from the top at the plate on the top
Case open



Alfred Graham & co of Halifax, England is (or was) one of Britain's oldest telephone makers, having started in the 1880s as far as one can recall.  Early on they found a niche market in making telephones for shipboard use and supplied most of the navy's warships between 1890 and 1914.

The pictures below show an Alfred Graham model (AP12932 with AP12933 internals and a AP12691 handset).





Produced by STC this wall phone was made in 1968.  This phone is called the Mark No. 26.

The handset is held in place by two spring assisted levers, shown just above the dial.




Mark 13

Made by TMC this model has lever to operate the generator.




Mark 15

Made by TMC in 1950 this telephone has makings on the case of "HJM 1950 S49797LM 6M".




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