The AEI Centenary Neophone, also known as the Horseshoe telephone started life originally as a Siemens Brothers telephone (AEI took over Siemens Brothers).

There was also a Kingston Communications variant called the model 904 (non-regulated and regulated) and 908 (non-regulated type).

Models 980 and 981 were the wall mounted variants.

There is normally a circuit diagram in each phone - look under the printed circuit board.

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Standard Telephone  to Diagram T.29849 - Schematic A

Picture of Type A internals with case removed

The above picture shows a Type A telephone.  The type A differs from the type B in so much as it does not have the short line attenuation resistors and also has two terminals missing.

The missing terminals are 1, 3 and 6 and there is a hole in the circuit board where each terminal should be.  See picture above - lower left hand side.  Even though these terminals are missing, the rest of the terminals are numbered as if the missing terminals are still there.

Model 904, 906, 908, 980 and 981 had 11 terminals on the circuit board.  These models could have a regulator fitted.

Additional Pictures


The wall version of the Centenary Neophone - Model 980/981



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Last revised: March 29, 2022