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DEC 1980

The Answering and Recording Set No. 101A is capable of automatically ANSWERING an unattended telephone with an announcement previously made by the customer and RECORDING a message from the caller. This differs from Answering Sets which are answering only machines.

The Answering and Recording Set No. 101A measures 260mm (width) x 330 mm (depth) x 89 mm (height) and weighs 5.67 kg. It is supplied with a mains lead, a cord terminated with a Plug No 420, a hand microphone, an announcement cartridge, and a recording cartridge.

Opening announcements are pre-recorded on removable cartridges using the microphone provided; allowing a library of announcements to be built up. These announcements can last up to 35 seconds. should the caller remain silent for approximately 10 seconds the machine will sign off with a short closing announcement of 8 seconds duration.

Incoming messages are recorded on modified C60 cassettes providing a total recording time of approximately 30 minutes and the machine does not set a fixed maximum time for any one message. The machine is supplied initially with 3 announcement cartridges and 1 message cassette. Additional announcement cartridges and message cassettes are available if required at an additional charge.

The Answering/Recording Machine No. 101A may also be used as a simple dictation machine.

The set is wired to receive automatic ringing only and is internally connected in a high impedance mode, and is therefore connected Across the line. For this reason it CANNOT be used for the following:-

Shared Service
Extension of PMBX (except if extension is plugged to an exchange line on night service)
External extensions of Plan 105, 105A, 107, 107A.

The following items should be requisitioned:-
1 Answering and Recording Set No. 101A
1 Plugs for Socket-Outlet No. 103 (fused at 3 amps)
1 Jacks No. 95A
Cable Distn 3595B/4w

The customer must provide a 3 pin socket outlet adjacent to the place allocated for the set. The mains supply should be checked in accordance with TI A2 E1006.

(a) Fit the Jacks No 95A adjacent to the place allocated for the set.

(b) Connect the jack to the telephone terminal block.

(c) Connect plug for Socket-Outlet No. 103 to mains lead.

The following checks should be carried out to ensure the set functions correctly. If the set is faulty it should be replaced completely.

To Make An ANSWERING Announcement:-
It is necessary to make two recordings an OPENING announcement, and a CLOSING announcement. The OPENING announcement will be heard when the machine switches to the incoming ring. The CLOSING announcement will be heard if the caller, after recording his/her message remains on the line a further 10 seconds or if they do not record a message within 10 seconds.

Connect set to the mains supply.

Insert the announcement cartridge and wait for the RUNNING lamp to go out.

Plug in the microphone. (Ensure the microphone ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position before plugging in. This switch is not used when recording announcements).

Press the RECORD key.

Press and hold the START key. Then dictate your OPENING announcement - maximum time 27 seconds. When you have finished the announcement release the START key and wait for the RUNNING light to go out.

Press and hold the START key then dictate your CLOSING announcement maximum time 8 seconds. When you have finished the announcement release the START key and wait for the RUNNING light to go out.

Unplug the microphone.

To Check Your Announcement
Press the CONFIRM key. (Listen to your recording from the built in loudspeaker adjusting the VOLUME control as necessary) The opening announcement will be heard first followed by the closing announcement after the tone.

To repeat the check press and release the START key. (If you wish to confirm the announcement at any other time, select CONFIRM key then press and release the START key).

To Answer Incoming Calls
Press the PLAY-ANSWER key on the top row of keys and the ANSWER key on the bottom row of keys.

The ANSWER light should glow.

Arrange an incoming call, the telephone should ring approximately six times before the set answers the call. Take a careful note of the number of metered calls made and inform the Repair Service Control so that the customer can be credited for service calls.

To Play Back Recorded Messages
If the machine is answering a call the RUNNING light will be lit. Wait for it to go out.

Note the number displayed on the tape position indicator.

Select PLAY on the bottom roe of keys.

Press and hold the REWIND key. When the cassette tape is fully rewound it stops and the key can be released.

Press the PLAY-ANSWER key on the top row and the messages will be played via the built-in loudspeaker; adjust the VOLUME control as required.

Listen to the recorded messages until the tape position indicator again shows the number that you noted then press the STOP key.

If you wish to play all or part of the recorded messages again, use the REWIND, FAST FORWARD, STOP and PLAY-ANSWER keys as necessary.

To Erase Messages
Select PLAY.

Press the FAST FORWARD or REWIND keys as necessary to locate the end of the recorded section of the tape. Press the Stop key.

Press and hold the ERASE key then the REWIND key. When the tape is rewound it will have been wiped clean of recorded messages.

To Switch Caller To The Machine
(Having spoken to a caller you may wish to switch him to the machine so he can leave a message on it.)

Select the PLAY-ANSWER key and the ANSWER key then press the START key, pause for a moment then release it.

Check that the ANSWER light glows.

Replace your handset. (The machine will reset itself to answer further calls when the caller hangs up.)

To Override Operation Of The Machine
If you wish to answer an incoming call which the machine is answering, pick up the telephone handset and press the STOP key. (Whenever the STOP key is pressed the machine is disconnected from the telephone line.)

How To Use The Dictation Facility
The dictation facility is available when the machine is standing by ready to answer the telephone i.e. with the ANSWER light glowing. (ANSWER and PLAY-ANSWER selected.)

Ensure that the ON/OFF switch on the microphone is in the OFF position. Plug the microphone in to the MIC socket. The ANSWER light will go out.

Dictate onto the message tape using the microphone ON/OFF switch as necessary.

To replay your dictated messages follow earlier instructions.

When you have finished dictating unplug the microphone. The ANSWER light will come on again indicating that the machine is ready to answer the telephone.

The following items should be recovered and booked into stores as separate items:-

1 x Jacks No. 95A
1 x Plugs for Socket-Outlet No. 103
1 x Answering and Recording Set No. 101A (complete with hand microphone, two leads and recording and announcement cassettes).

Introduced in 1981


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