ANS & REC MACH No. 1A, 1B, 2A & 2B

Ans/rec 1A black (Rapport 20) & Ans/rec 2A grey (Rapport 20 Plus) - Pictured left
Ans/rec 1B black (Rapport) & Ans/rec 2B white (Rapport Plus) - Pictured right

Rapport Plus and Rapport 20 Plus supersedes the original Rapport and Rapport 20 machines and are a direct replacement. The new machines are being offered in two new colours, Rapport 20 Plus, Charcoal Grey and Rapport Plus, Polar White. Both new machines offer the customer three additional facilities, fast tape forward while listening to recorded messages, automatic save on remote interrogation and remote set to answer. Like their predecessors, both are modern, single tape, processor controlled combined push button telephone and answering / recording machine with remote interrogation which can be wall or desk mounted. Rapport and Rapport Plus also have a digital clock display.

The facilities of all Rapport machines are as follows:-
- Telephone Handset Microphone Mute.
- Inductive Coupler for use with hearing aids with a "T" position.
- On Hook dialling.
- Last number Redial. For numbers with 5 digits or more up to 25 digits.
Rapport 20 & Rapport 20 Plus. - Press Redial once.
Rapport & Rapport Plus. - Press Redial twice.
- Pause. Inserts a 4 second pause during dialling, or in a memory store location. Required on PBX's that require a pause after the access code has been keyed.
- Recall. (Earth Loop / 10OmS Timed Break) switchable by customer.
- Loop or MF4 Signalling. Switchable by customer.
- Mixed signalling. If set for LD signalling, pressing * will change signalling to MF4 until handset is replaced.
- Ringer - High, Off or Low. - Memory Capacity Rapport 20 / Rapport 20 Plus. 20 stores.
Rapport / Rapport Plus. 10 stores.
Up to 25 digits per store, inclusive of any signalling change, pause and recall instructions.

Answering Machine facilities:-
- Normal Outgoing message (Answer & Record) up to 2 minutes.
- Answer Only Outgoing message up to 30 seconds.
- All Rapport machines will automatically soft switch to Answer Calls Only when the Incoming Message tape is full. An Answer Only OGM must be recorded to use this facility, otherwise the machine will not answer when the message tape is full making remote interrogation impossible.
- Incoming Message up to 3 minutes. Message capacity up to 30 minutes using a standard MC 60 Microcassette.
- Integral microphone.
- Remote recording of outgoing message and memos. (Rapport 20/Rapport 20 Plus)
- 2 or 4 rings before answer. Switchable by customer.
Manual ring facility. Will answer immediately on receiving a 2 second burst of ringing no matter where the ring selector is set.
- Paytone Detector. Up to 15 seconds message delay if paytone is present.
- Automatic reset to answer after a power failure.
- Programmable security code or no code. Switchable by customer.
Rapport 20 / Rapport 20 Plus. Up to to 10,000 combinations.
Rapport / Rapport Plus. Choice of 2 fixed security codes.
- Message Counter.
- Memo. Allows personal reminders and conversations of up to 30 minutes to be placed on the tape as though they were incoming messages.
- Two way recording. A security tone given every 15 seconds.
- Store. Messages on the tape can be saved using this button. Machine clears line 5 to 20 seconds after the caller clears by detecting constant tone or silence.
- Digital Alarm Clock (Rapport / Rapport Plus)
- Digital LED 24 hour alarm clock.
- Alarm Zero. Press Alarm, Hour and minute buttons simultaneously.
- Snooze (Touch Sensor) 9 minute alarm repeat.
- Alarm OFF Button. Automatic 24 hour alarm reset.
- Alarm ON/OFF Switch. (Dot on display indicates Alarm ON)
Note: Alarm will sound continuously for 2 hours unless cancelled.
* Star. See Additional Information.

The following facilities are applicable to Rapport Plus and Rapport 20 Plus only:-
- Fast Tape Forward. Press the MEMO key while listening to messages.
- Automatic save on Remote Interrogation.
- Remote Set to Answer. Call machine and let it ring 20 times to turn machine on remotely. The mains supply to the machine must be set to ON.

The handset and keypad are line powered. Memory stores are protected by two small primary batteries and the monitor amplifier and the answering and recording machine are mains powered via a 12 volt ac plug-top transformer.

In the event of a mains failure all mains dependent facilities cease to function. Restoration of the mains supply will automatically reset the unit to answer calls within 2 minutes whether or not it was set to "answer" before the supply failed.

This is a system default condition and cannot be overridden. Messages received before the power failure are not lost and can be played back remotely or by using the play button on the machine.

All Rapport machines gives the customer four choices of interrogating the messages.
1. When at the machine - Press the PLAY button.
2. Remotely using a voice / silence sequence over line.
3. Using a portable Remote Controller over line. See notes below
4. Using the keypad of a MF4 telephone over line.

Note 1
Rapport 20 / Rapport 20 Plus
When using a Remote Controller or a MF4 telephone the customer has a programmable choice of 10,000 security codes or no code.

Note 2
Rapport / Rapport Plus
When using a Remote Controller or a MF4 telephone the customer has a choice of 2 security codes or no code.

Note 3
The voice / silence sequence can only used if the switch is set to "No Code". The same sequence used for all Rapport, Wren and Robin Ans/Rec machines.

Note 4
The Remote Controller or MF4 telephone enables users to remotely control the tape machine functions.

Made by Team Concepts International Ltd (Hong Kong)

Supplied by BT on sale terms only.

Ans/Rec. machines 1A & 2A. Rapport 20 / Rapport 20 Plus.
Approval Number S/1000/3/H/500824.
Ans/Rec. machines 1B & 2B. Rapport / Rapport Plus.
Approval Number S/1000/3/H/500823.
Approved as supplied for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and 2-wire PBX extensions.

A Phone Socket and a 240 volts, 13 Amp, 50 Hertz mains supply are required within 3 metres of the machine.

All Rapport machines are suitable for use on Phone Socket installations on DELs and most types of PBX extensions. Not suitable for use on "C" wire PMBXS.

All Rapport Ans/Rec machines have a REN of 1.

Rapport machines contain no on site serviceable parts, therefore maintenance is limited to functional testing, checking the output of the mains plug-top transformer with a Volt Meter (12 to 16 volts ac), checking the customer has cleaned the tape head and the condition of the tape. i.e., is the tape tightly wound on spool, creased or torn. If suspect, the customer should be requested to purchase a replacement tape and clean the tape head.

Battery and tape change out is the customer's responsibility.

The User Guide recommends the customer replaces the two LR44 batteries or equivalent regularly every year and the tape every six months. The tape heads should be cleaned 3 monthly using a cotton bud moistened with methylated spirit or a proprietary tape head cleaning fluid. The customer should be advised that after 3 months use, the tape should be turned over when the tape head is cleaned and a new OGM recorded.

WARRANTY Rapport Combined Telephone / Answering and Recording machines were covered by a warranty which extends to 24 months from the date of manufacture identified by the first 4 digits (YY WW****) of the 8 digit serial number marked on the underside of the machine.

DESCRIPTION                                                      BT Item Code
Combined Tele/Ans & Recording Machine 1A (Rapport 20)                870274
Combined Tele/Ans & Recording Machine 1B (Rapport with clock)        870275
Combined Tele/Ans & Recording Machine 2A (Rapport 20 Plus)           870450
Combined Tele/Ans & Recording Machine 2B (Rapport Plus with clock)   870449
All machines are supplied complete with transformer, message
            tape and two batteries.
Purchased separately if required:-
Remote Controller No 2 (MF4)                                         870427
(Contains 4 overlays & 5 user guides.  Suitable for use with
all Rapports, Wren, Kingfisher II & Falcon II Ans/Rec machines)

Transformer 12 volts AC (Rapport / Wren) straight connector          870383
Transformer 12 volts AC (Rapport / Wren) angled connector            870445
Remote Controller No. 1 (MF4)                                        870276

Customer replaceable items:-
Message Tape MC 60 Microcassette.                                    870435
Batteries. 2 x 1.5V LR44 or equivalent.

Normal test conditions when waiting to answer. After answering the telephone and answering machine presents a loop resistance to line of approximately 190 ohms (measured at SOMA). Additionally, all Rapports draw typically 5uA on hook. This may appear to give apparent 'Low Loop' line test conditions. With the handset off-hook, Rapport may give high resistance telephone loop line test conditions.

Rapport, Rapport Plus, Rapport 20 and Rapport 20 Plus are approved as a Telephone Answering Recording Machine. Connection Code TAM-M.

a) TXK exchanges give a long first ring. Machines (all Rapports) with a manual ring facility may interpret this burst of ringing as a manual ring and answer immediately, this is a situation which may give rise to queries from Rapport Customers. District maintenance staff should ascertain the type of serving exchange before making what may be an abortive maintenance visit.

b) The problem of callers being cut off 10 to 15 seconds after the machine answered on long lines has been cleared by a software fix in Rapport Plus and Rapport 20 Plus. (Not Rapport or Rapport 20)

c) The message LED flashes in distinctive patterns to indicate message/s taken.

Up to 9 messages.
A repeated cycle consisting of a regular burst of flashing (one flash per message taken) followed by a pause.

10 and over messages
Message LED maintains a continuous regular flashing. There is no indication of the number of messages taken other than that there are more than 9.

Tape full
Message LED maintains rapid flashing.

d) Although the machines clear the line 5 to 20 seconds after the caller clears by detecting constant tone or silence, it can take up to 2i minutes if the caller clears during the outgoing message. The machine will then normally be ready to answer calls again after a further 5 to 90 seconds, dependent on how many messages are on the message tape.

e) Worn Tapes. (See "f" below also) The first signs of a worn tape may not be faint or distorted speech as with other answering machines, it may show itself in one of the following ways:-

(1) Only plays part of the outgoing message to caller,
(2) After playing the outgoing message, the machine then plays some of the incoming messages to the caller.

It is recommended that when changing a tape cassette or turning it over after 3 months use, that the Power On/Off switch on the side of Rapport is set to Off and the tape head is also cleaned and a new OGM recorded.

f) Business customers in many cases purchase several message tapes and pre-record them for set usage, i.e. lunch breaks, holidays, weekends etc. The customer often change the tape without setting the Power On/Off switch to Off. Also, the stored tapes become loosely wound on their spools and are likely to be damaged if inserted without tightening by normal use.

Either or both of the above conditions may produce similar symptoms to that of a worn tape. If investigating a case where this appears to be the cause of the problem, ask the customer to use the following routine when changing tape cassettes:

  1. Turn the Power On/Off switch to Off. (Switch on side of machine, not the large "ANSWER ON OFF" button on top of machine)
  2. Insert the point of a pencil into the centre of the full spool and tighten the tape before inserting into the machine.
  3. Turn the power supply switch to On. The machine will then answer calls when the Ready LED lights. See Data-Back-up below.

g) Data-Back-Up
Rapport is a single tape machine and records back-up data on the section of tape immediately in front of the OGM. The information stored is as follows: OGM length - number of messages stored.

Whenever the unit is powered up, it reads this data from tape, and it is possible when the tape is worn and the heads are dirty, the data can be read in error. If the tape has been changed, without the power being turned off, it will still think it has the original tape. Should this happen the unit can think that the OGM is either shorter or longer than it actually is, with the consequence that either only part of the OGM will be played, or the OGM will be replayed together with some ICM recordings.

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