The Answer and Recording Machine No. 201A, sales name Tern, is a low profile telephone answering and recording machine which uses standard size mini-cassettes to store both incoming and outgoing messages. Tern may be used as an "answering only" machine by omitting the incoming message cassette. The machine is housed in a mock teak finish plastic cabinet and the control functions are written on a matt black finish finger plate. Access to the mini-cassettes is obtained by sliding off a panel situated on the top surface using the thumb or finger. The facilities of the machine are listed below:-

Outgoing                           Dictation Conference
Announcement 5 to 180 secs         Message facility
Incoming message                   Aux socket for mic and headphone
capacity up to 80 mins      
Two way Recording                  Call Counter
Call Monitoring                    Telephone Line Test
Answering Only                     Pay Tone Detection
Remote Interrogation               Volume Control
Built in microphone                Voice Operated
Switch (VOX) release               Fast Tape Forward and Rewind                      
Line break release
Fast Tape Erase                    Ring trip Adjuster  (2 or 4 cycles)
Tape full detection                Auto paging

The machine is mains Powered and can be interrogated locally, or remotely using the portable "bleeper" supplied with each machine. The "bleeper" will work on one of a number of different frequencies and should always be associated with the machine with which it was supplied.

Made by Answercall Ltd.
Kangley Bridge Road, LONDON, SE26 5AH
Telephone: 01 59 1188

The Answering and Recording Machine 201B must be used on PBXs with C wire signalling.

On answering an incoming call the machine presents a loop resistance to line of approximately l30 Ohms. When recording a two way conversation the machine presents an impedance of approximately 10k Ohms across the line ensuring speech is unaffected.

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Last revised: December 21, 2010