Sales Brochure - CP/MS460

The Answering and Recording Machine No. 203A, sales name Kingfisher, is mains powered and can be interrogated locally by operating the "Function Selector" or remotely using the "Kingfisher Remote Controller". The Code number of both the Kingfisher and Remote Controller must be identical to operate this facility. During mains failure, the machine will not answer calls, but will automatically reset to answer when the mains power is restored. The Calls Counter will show -- indicating to the customer that the power has failed while the machine has been set to answer calls. The counter will not resume counting until the machine is manually reset. Recorded Messages received before and after a mains failure are not lost, and can be played back in the normal manner.

The facilities of the machine are as follows:-

  • Remote Control Facility
  • Volume Control
  • Remote Hand Controller
  • Message Facility
  • Outgoing message - Up to 30 seconds
  • Incoming message - Up to 30 minutes
  • Calls Counter/Indicator
  • Auxiliary Earphone Socket
  • Line Break Stop
  • Pay Tone Detection
  • VOX Stop - Low and High sensitivity
  • Ring Adjuster 2 or 4 rings
  • Call Timer I/C Messages - 1 minute
  • Manual Ring facility (will answer immediately on receiving a 2 second burst of ringing no matter where the ring selector is set)
  • Call Monitoring                         
  • Answering Only                          
  • Built in Microphone                     
  • Fast Forward (cue)                      
  • Fast Rewind (Review)
  • Tape Full Detection (6 Bleeps)
  • Fast Tape Erase (Cue and Review)
  • Automatic Release from line when associated telephone handset is lifted

Made by Panasonic - Japan (Similar to the model KX-T1410).

Approval Number: S/1000/3/G/500402.

Kingfisher has a Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) of 1.

Click here for the user guide.

Maintenance is limited to functional testing, checking the customer has cleaned the tape heads and checking the condition of the tapes. If the machine fails completely the output voltage of the Transformer Unit 19A should be checked. The Transformer Unit No. 19A is marked 17volts DC (500mA), but the output will measure between 20 and 30 volts when tested with the output open circuit.

The date of manufacture is shown as the year and month marking on the base of the machine. The year and month marking forms part of the machine serial number as follows:

Serial No. 6ABH1001033
Indicates -   6 is the year. 6 = 1986, 7 = 1987, 8 = 1988 etc
              A is the month, A = Jan, B = Feb, C = March etc.
              B is the part of month. A = 1 to 10  B = 11 to 20
              and C = 21 to 31.
              H1001033 is the machine serial number.

DESCRIPTION                                BT ITEM CODE
Answering and Recording Machine 203A            870196
Transformer Unit 19a                            870240
Remote Controller 203a                          870233
Fuse 73/1 1Amp (Transformer Unit 19A)           314179
Announcement Tape 203A                          870236

Announcement Tape:
Announcement Tape 203A (Panasonic KX-G030 30 seconds)

Incoming Message Tape:

Normal high quality C30, C60 or C90 - Panasonic recommended.
Metal and Chrome tapes must not be used.

The three batteries in the Remote Controller must be replaced when the output becomes weak. Three AAA size Alkaline batteries are recommended.

TXK exchanges give a long first ring. Machines with a Manual Ring facility may interpret this burst of ringing as a manual ring and answer immediately, this is a situation which may give rise to queries from users.

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Last revised: April 29, 2023