Falcon II is a modern processor controlled combined push button loudspeaking telephone twin tape answering / recording machine with remote interrogation. The instrument has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that displays the time of day when not set to answer calls, and indicates the number of messages or calls received when set to answer. A voice announcer (synthesiser) records the day, time and number of messages received on the message tape, and gives voice prompts over the line as an aid to remote interrogation. Other uses of the voice synthesiser are to announce the day and time, also the numbers stored in the telephones 32 memory stores if the secret inhibit facility has not been used when storing the numbers in memory.

Falcon II can be used as a desk top or wall mounted telephone answering machine. To wall mount, the bracket on the base must be moved from the "desk" to the "wall" position and the handset retention lug turned through 180 degrees.

The facilities of Falcon II are as follows:-

Desk or Wall mounted. Lug on case provides off hook position for handset when wall mounted.
  • Hands Free LST and On-Hook dialling.
  • Secrecy Button. Mutes the microphone on both handset and LST.
  • Last number Redial. For numbers with 5 digits or more, up to 30 digits. A pause, * (star) or recall signal counts as a digit.
  • Recall. Earth Loop / Timed Break. Switchable by customer.
  • Loop or MF4 Signalling. Switchable by the customer.
  • Mixed signalling. If set for LD signalling, pressing * (star) will change signalling to MF4 until call is cleared.
  • Memory 32 stores. Up to 16 digits inclusive of any signalling change, pause and recall instruction.
  • Pause, 4 seconds. Up to 3 pauses in succession may be entered giving a delay of 4, 8 or 12 seconds.
  • Voice announcement of numbers in memory stores. This facility may be inhibited by using the "Secret MS" button instead of the "MSINP" button when entering the numbers into a memory store.
  • Ringer High, Low or Off.


  • Outgoing Message (OGM) - Up to 30 seconds. Press and hold down the REC button and then press the OGM Start/Stop button until a beep is heard to record. Press Start/Stop once to end OGM.
  • Outgoing Message Check - Press OGM Start / Stop button.
  • Paytone Detection - Up to 15 seconds delay of OGM if paytone is present.
  • Incoming Message Tape. Uses standard C30, C60 or C90 tapes giving 15, 30 or 45 minutes total recording time.
  • Incoming Message - Up to end of ICM tape or 1 minute depending on setting.
  • Incoming Message Tape Full detection - Voice announcer informs caller that the message tape is full and thanks them for calling.
  • Call Counter. Indicates the number of messages recorded, and when set to 'Answer Only' indicates the number of calls received. When the counter number is 59, this could mean 59 messages, more than 59 messages or message tape full.
  • Volume Control - From minimum (not zero) to maximum volume.
  • Call Screening (Monitoring) - Listen to incoming callers leaving message.
  • Two way recording. A security tone is given every 15 seconds.
  • Memo Message - No limit, up to end of tape. Press the Memo/2 Way button to start recording and again to stop.
  • Automatic Message Save.
  • Fast Message Erase - Backwards & Forwards. Press REC and REW or REC and FF.
  • Clear Detect. Line break stop.
  • VOX - (Voice Operated Switch) release from line. High or Low sensitivity switchable by customer.
  • Ring Adjuster - Long, 2, 3, or 4. Long = Manual Ring. All programmable from telephone keypad.
  • Remote Switch on to Answer - Call machine and let it ring 20 times.
  • Branchphone reset - Will release machine from the line should a parallel telephone handset be lifted.
  • Voice synthesiser - Gives helpful information, day and time caller left message.
  • Remote Interrogation with 1, 2 or 3 digit security code. i.e. 0, 00, 1, 01, 001 etc up to 999. The use of digit '7' in any number is not recommended as this is the digit used to re-record the outgoing message remotely.
  • Skip OGM - Frequent callers can key 1*1 from an MF4 telephone or remote interrogator and leave a message without having to listen to the OGM.
  • Answer Only - Selectable facility. Can be bypassed in the same way as for 'Skip OGM' above, and caller can leave up to a one minute message although the machine is set to Answer Only.

The handset and keypad are line powered. The clock, LCD, loudspeaking facilities, voice synthesiser, LED's and the answering / recording machine are all mains powered from the 13 volt ac plug top transformer. The memory stores are powered/protected from both sources. see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

Falcon II offers the customer three ways of interrogating the messages.

  1. Directly - press the PLAYBACK / PAUSE button.
  2. Remotely using a portable "Remote Interrogator" over line.
  3. Using the keypad of a MF4 telephone over line.

To interrogate remotely, enter the security code whilst listening to the OGM. The machine will stop and the voice synthesiser will announce the number of messages received and give helpful voice prompts to aid the interrogator.

Made by Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co Ltd. (Panasonic) - Japan.

BT supplied on both Rental and Sale terms.

Approval Number S/1000/3/L/501981

Approved as supplied for connection to Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) and 2-wire PBX extensions. PBX CAT 1, 3, 5 & 7.

Line Cord measures 200Omm and transformer lead 240Omm.

Falcon II is suitable for use on Phone Socket installations on DELs and most types of 2-wire PBX extensions.

Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) is 1.

Insert both the Incoming Message and Outgoing Message tapes.

1. VOX SENS. Set to "H" High.

2. Tone or pulse signalling. Try "tone" first.

3. RECALL. If "tone" signalling, set to T BR. If "pulse" signalling set to E RE.

4. Ringer High, Low or Off. Set to "H".

Programmed from keypad with handset on rest.

1.    Press "Function" button until S/MS/Hold Indicator lights. If you pause for longer than 30 seconds during programming, the LED will go out and you will have to press the "Function" button a second time to continue.

2.     Set "clock and day" (Default 12 AM Sunday)

Press 8 followed by the time e.g. 925 (Do not use 24 hour clock)

Press to select AM or PM.

Press to select the day of the week. The voice synthesiser will speak the days in succession. Stop when you reach the desired day.

Press MS/NP to enter data into memory and start the clock.

3.     Enter test number or customers own telephone number into store 1.

Press Store 1. - Top button on the right side of memory card window.

Key number xxxxxxx and press MS/NP to enter number into memory.

Either wait 30 seconds or Press FUNCTION to come out of programming mode.

Press Memory Check and Store 1 button. The voice synthesiser will announce the, telephone number stored.

Falcon II contains no on-site serviceable parts and therefore maintenance is limited to functional testing, checking the facility switches are set to provide optimum performance to line, the condition of both the tapes and that the tape heads are clean.

If the machine fails completely the output voltage of the Transformer 750A should be checked. The Transformer output is marked 13 volts AC, but will measure about 16 volts when tested with the output open circuit.

Falcon II uses the same tape deck as Kingfisher II. Since the introduction of Kingfisher II several complaints have been received about the machines not answering calls, or answering and then not playing the outgoing message. It is possible that on occasions Falcon II could exhibit the same symptoms. Details and solution follow:-

The OGM tape is worn, damaged or the capstan, pressure roller, sensing switch and heads are dirty which prevents the tape from driving / winding correctly.

The solution to the above is to change the tape and clean the capstan, pressure roller, sensing switch and heads. The details are included below under Routine Maintenance.

The user guide recommends that the customer changes both tape cassettes at six monthly intervals, and that the tape heads, pressure roller and the sensing switch are cleaned every three months with a cotton bud dampened with a proprietary tape head cleaning fluid.

New units carry a 21 month warranty from the date of manufacture as shown on the year and month marking on the base of the machine. The year and month marking forms part of the machine serial number as follows:-

e.g. typical example. Serial No.9IAHA16058:-

9 is the year. 9 = 1989
0 1990, 1 = 1991 etc
I is the month I = Sep, L = Dec, A = Jan etc
A is days in month. A = 1 to 10, B = 11 to 20 and C = 21 to 31
HA16058 is the machine serial number

DESCRIPTION                                  			BT ITEM CODE
Combined Telephone / Answering & Recording Machine 3A.             870451
Complete with Transformer 750A (13v AC), 30 second OGM tape,
and a C-60 Incoming Message tape.
BT Remote Interrogator No.2 (MF4) (Supplied with rented machine,   870427
and must be booked out separately) Contains 4 overlays detailing
button function and 4 User Guides making it suitable for use with
BT Remote Interrogator No.2 (MF4)                                  870427
Customer replaceable items:-
Outgoing Message Tape (KX-CO30) 30 seconds.                        870236

Other tapes may be purchased locally, KX-CO10, KX-CO20 or KX-CO30.
Longer OGM tapes are not recommended.
Incoming Message Tape.  Normal C30, C60 or C90.  Use any high quality tape

Normal test conditions when waiting to answer. After answering the telephone and answering machine presents a loop resistance to line of approximately 325 ohms measured at 27.5ma. Additionally, the instrument will draw about 2.5mA on hook, this may appear to give apparent 'Low Loop' line test conditions. With the handset off-hook, Falcon II, like many modern telephones may give high resistance telephone loop test conditions.


This facility causes the machine to release the line when a telephone connected to the same line is taken off-hook. This facility is inhibited for up to 4 seconds after answering to prevent false release of the machine from line due to line 'ringing' (current surge to & fro) when answering.

CLEAR DETECT (Line Break stop)
Modern exchanges such as System X and Y, generate a 100 ms line break on the called parties line when the calling party clears down, this is called a disconnect clear signal. Shorter line breaks are generated by most other exchange types. Falcon II will detect a disconnect clear signal and immediately release the line without waiting for network tones.

Falcon II uses two (super) capacitors instead of batteries to retain memory information. one capacitor is charged from both the line and the plug top transformer and protects the 32 telephone number stores and the programmable features of the instrument for up to 24 hours in the event of both supplies being disconnected. The second capacitor is charged from the plug top transformer only and will keep the clock running for 30 minutes should the mains supply be disconnected.

In the event of a mains failure, all mains dependent facilities cease to function. If the machine was set to answer calls before the power failed, on restoration of the mains supply, it will reset to answer and the LCD display will show a double bar (--) indicating the machine has reset and the Answer LED will flash if any messages have been received, but gives no indication of how many. Messages received before the power failed are not lost and can be played back in the normal manner.

Mains failure for periods in excess of 30 minutes -

When the mains power is restored, the clock, not displayed will reset to 12 AM Sunday and progress on from that point. When the instrument is reset to the HOME mode, the clock display will be seen flashing, indicating that the clock is wrong. Messages received after a power interruption of 30 minutes or more, or if the clock is not set, i.e. clock display flashing, will have no time recorded onto the incoming message tape, just a "beep" between messages.
During mains supply failure, if line power is present none of the memory stores should corrupt or clear. Power and line disconnection for periods greater than 24 hours will reset all memory locations to their default. i.e. Answer after two rings, unlimited recording time and security code 111. Number stores will either clear completely or set to random numbers.
Note:- The above times have been obtained from workshop testing and contain a factor to allow for the possible difference in component tolerances and deterioration due to ageing, longer times may be experienced in practice. The manufacturers only claim 30 minutes protection if the mains fails before all memory locations clear and make no reference to line power retaining memory information.

If a longer OGM tape were to be provided and the user only recorded a short OGM or a caller were to clear down early without listening to all the OGM, an unacceptably long period would elapse before the machine resets to the answer mode after a caller has cleared. See Reset Time below.

When the machine answers the line, it checks whether paytone is present. If paytone is detected, the OGM is delayed for up to 15 seconds. It is also possible that mains hum on the line can be mistaken for paytone, this too can delay the sending of the OGM. Setting the VOX switch to Low may overcome this problem.

Falcon II provides the facility for remote interrogation using a security code programmed into the machine by the customer from the telephone keypad.

Remote interrogation is achieved by using a BT Remote Interrogator or MF4 telephone to enter the security code during the OGM, further instructions may then be given over line as per the user guide.


Reset using 30 second Outgoing Message Tape is typically 20 - 40 seconds.

BT only recommended and supplied 30 second OGM tapes as longer tapes would extend the reset period to an unacceptable time.

Falcon II will seize the line after the number of ringing cadences programmed into its memory. The ringing circuit has been designed to recognise both PSTN and all internal ringing cadences generated by BT PABXS.

By selecting the LONG position, Falcon II will respond to PMBX ringing, i.e. continuous ringing of > 2 seconds.

VOICE/TONE DETECTION (Voice Operated Switch - VOX)
Falcon II is able to differentiate between voice and tone signals. It is required to hold the line to voice signals, but release the line when a network tone or silence is present after 5 seconds.

The VOX sensitivity has a High and Low sensitivity switch provided. The normal switch position is High. In this position it is possible that line noise may be detected as speech. If this happens the machine will record line noise up to its maximum message length. If line noise causes persistent problems, switch to the low position.

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