3 Internal
FEB 1979

Description and Installation

The Answering Set No. 3A is capable of automatically answering an unattended telephone with an announcement previously recorded by the customer. This is an answering only machine and differs from an Answering and Recording Set which will also record a message from the caller.

The Answering Set No. 3A measures 19.5 cm (width) x 30.5 cm (depth) x 6.0 cm (height) and weighs 1.5 kg. It is supplied with a separate mains transformer which is wired to the answering set. A cord connected to the answering set and terminated with a Plug No. 420. A hand microphone complete with a cord and a proprietary supplied multi-connexion plug.

The set is wired to receive automatic ringing only and is internally connected in a high impedance mode, and is therefore connected across the line. For this reason it cannot be used for the following:-

Shared Service
Extension of PMBX (except if extension is plugged to an exchange line on night service)
Extension of Plans 105, 105A, 107, 107A, HES

The following items should be requisitioned:-

1 Answering Set No. 3A
1 Plugs for Socket-Outlet No 103 (Fused at 3 amps)
1 Jacks No. 95A
Cable, Dist 3595B/4 W

The customer must provide a 3 pin socket outlet adjacent to the place allocated for the set. The mains supply should be checked in accordance with TI A2 El006.

Fit the Jacks No. 95A adjacent to the place allocated for the set.

Connect the jack to the telephone terminal block.

The following checks should be made to ensure the set functions correctly. If the set is faulty it should be replaced completely.

To Prepare Machine
Insert announcement cartridge into slot at the side of the machine until the back edge of the cartridge clicks into place.

Switch on machine.

To Record an ANSWERING Announcement

(a) If the machine running light is on wait for it to go out.
(b) Plug in the microphone.
(c) Switch to RECORD.
(d) Press and hold down the START button and dictate your announcement.

To Check Your Announcement
Remove the microphone.
Switch to PLAY.
Press and release the START button.
Your announcement will be heard through the loudspeaker, adjust the VOLUME control as necessary.

To Answer Incoming Calls
Switch to ANSWER.
Arrange an incoming call, the telephone should ring approximately four times before the set answers the call. Take a careful note of the number of metered calls made and inform the Repair Service Control so that the customer can be credited for service calls.

The following items should be recovered and booked into stores as separate items:-

1 Answering Set No. 3A (Complete with transformer, microphone and announcement cartridge).
1 Plug for Socket-Outlet No. 103.
1 Jacks No. 95A.

Sales Brochure - PH2347.

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