Providing cost-effective call routing
Least cost routing is the future for alternate carrier businesses. A number of telephones and wall boxes are available for alternate carrier access, but none offer the reliability, flexibility and simplicity of the InterLink Berkshire telephone. 

Remote management
The InterLink Berkshire is remotely managed, across the customer’s telephone line, using the same Intercom platform that has been well-proven for many years. Remote management
offers many key benefits over pre-programmed devices which help you to offer optimum routing to your customers (see table). Without remote management, routing telephones become an expensive disposable item should your call routing criteria change. The InterLink Berkshire may be re-programmed time and time again for a long service life.

Multiple carriers
The InterLink Berkshire supports up to 10 carriers, complete with screening of local area codes and barred numbers. 100 routes are available, matched up to 8 digits. Selection of routes and routing parameters are all programmable remotely.

Data mining
Via the remote management system, individual telephones may be interrogated for a wide range of call and routing data, including call time and duration. This "Data Mining" facility allows collection of detailed call statistics.

Feature list
The InterLink Berkshire supports an extensive range of routing and management features:

Automatic "Call Home".

Dual tone multi frequency.

Last number redial.

Time break recall.

Locking microphone mute.

Tone caller volume control.

10 memories.

Hot buttons

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Last revised: May 05, 2021