Ascom, the leading UK manufacturer of telephone handsets, offers the Berkshire TeamLink telephone system as a viable alternative to the small PABX or Keysystem. Designed to take advantage of the many benefits Centrex (or larger PABX) has to offer, the Berkshire TeamLink provides an extensive feature list unrivalled by other telephones. The Berkshire TeamLink enables each user to monitor and answer all telephones and incoming lines within their working group.

Used in conjunction with your Centrex (or larger PABX) provider, the Berkshire TeamLink offers all of the features of a keysystem or small PABX. Call transfer, pick-up, on-hook dial, ring-back, mute, do not disturb, save number, voicemail, transfer to busy and divert, may be easily accessed via factory pre-programmed keys. Each telephone has indicator lights, enabling anyone in the team to see the status of each line; busy, line free, ringing.

Any TeamLink in the group may be used to answer incoming calls to any other team member. Each telephone has twelve one-key external speed-dial keys, which may be customised to the user’s requirements.

In addition to all of the Features above, the Berkshire TeamLink offers:

  • Internal name CLI*
  • External name/number CLI*
  • Intercom facility*
  • Time & date log of last 25 callers*
  • Permanent memory
  • Message-waiting indicator lamp*
  • Direct station select

* where your Centrex (or PABX) provides CLI
** Larger systems are available, please see TeamLink 24 & 44

The Berkshire TeamLink requires no digital line-cards or switch software, nor any additional line-plant. Each telephone can be configured to monitor the status of up to 10 lines** in a group, plus two additional lines, such as an auxiliary incoming line and one holding line.



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Last revised: October 30, 2022