ATM TELEPHONE L11226 - L11229


M1074 Certified Magneto Mine Telephone
Front View Inside View

A robust ironclad weatherproof magneto telephone, complete with glands for receiver cord and line cable, for use either with  bell attached or with separate extension bell.  Specially constructed to withstand rough usage and designed for parallel working.

(Formerly Types T3060 and T3070)

Height: 15.5" (394 mm.) 
Width: 13" (330 mm.)
Depth: 6.75" (172 mm.)

With 1 receiver: 44lbs. (19.96 kg.)
With 2 receivers: 46lbs. (20.97 kg.)
L11226 Telephone with 1 receiver and V.I.R. Cable Gland.
L11227 Telephone with 1 receiver and arrnoured Cable Gland.
L11228 Telephone with 2 receivers and V.I.R. Cable Gland.
L11229 Telephone with 2 receivers and armoured Cable Gland.

Taken from the 1951 ATM Catalogue

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Last revised: November 05, 2022