Mining Telephone
Surface Type Magneto Desk Telephone

A magneto, hand combination telephone for desk use, cornprising B.P.O. standard handset, cradle switch, dial blank, hand generator, ringer, induction coil, etc., the whole mounted on a substantial baseplate with rubber feet.  The case is of moulded Bakelite with black enamelled sheet metal sides.  A separate battery box is required.

Note: Where a wall-mounted telephone is required a bracket can be provided to carry L11561 for use as such.

Certified by Ministry of Fuel and Power for surface use only.

(Formerly Type T3903)

Height: 10.5 (267 mm.)
Width: 10 (254 mm.)
Depth: 6.5 (165 mm.)
Weight: 11lbs. (5.22 kg.)

Taken from the 1951 ATM Catalogue

Additional Information

The information in this section is based on the identical looks of this set to the L11561.  There is no ATM number on the phone but it looks like it was supplied to the UK Government.

Frontal view
Inside the base and telephone
Plate fixed to the front of the base
Circuit Diagram No. L582677

Photos are supplied by Charlie MacKenzie

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Last revised: October 04, 2012