"THE PHANTOPHONE (Small Wall Type)"

For simultaneous telephony on telegraph and block signalling circuits.

Polished teak case, fitted with:-

P.B. Solid Back Transmitter, T 3470.
Buzzer, T 3744.
Double Pole Bell Receiver, T 2062.
Receiver Cord, T 1090.
Condenser, .5 mf., T 1674.
.1 mf.,
T 1673.
.05 mf., T 1672.
Ringing Key, T 3358.
Lightning Arrester, T 927.
Switch Hook, T 1733.
Induction Coil, 160
+ .37 ohms, T 1276.
Induction Coil, 60
+ 60 ohms, T 1277.
Transmitter Bracket, T 1715.

Front hinged and fixed by means of a screw. Exposed metal parts oxidized copper finish. Terminals fitted inside the case.

Length, 12 ins. Width, 9 ins. Depth, 9 ins. Weight, 9 lbs.

This instrument is specially designed to withstand rough usage, and is suitable for use in platelayers' huts and temporary situations. The circuit is adapted for "outward calling only. The height of the transmitter can be varied to suit the user.

Taken from the ATM catalogue Telegraph Apparatus and Accessories No. 59 (Jan 1921)

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Last revised: February 27, 2021