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The Telephone No. 35MW was the British Ericsson Model No. N2500 and made in England.  This type of magneto telephone was selected in 1914 as a cheaper replacement for the No.1 as the standard PMG telephone for installations in country areas.  However the advent of World War 1 delayed its introduction until 1920.  It was initially designated as the Commonwealth Ericsson but later was re-designated as the 35MW when the PMG numbering scheme was changed. 

There were three variations in the model from 1920 to 1929.  Initially the 35MW came fitted with an Ericsson designed transmitter with a No.3 insert with a stamped steel mount but later deliveries were fitted with a solid-back transmitter.  The next variation had a simpler folded brass mount and solid-back transmitter.  The last variation had a blanked off mounting hole for a dial and could be changed to CB or automatic operation by removing the magneto, changing the induction coil, adding a capacitor and strapping some links inside the case.  There is no evidence that subscribers telephones were converted as it was standard PMG procedure that existing telephones were replaced with newer models when magneto exchanges were converted to CB or automatic working.  However there was a 765AW for long line automatic working but this used a different circuit to the 35MW.

With the introduction of the 162MT around 1932 and the later 232MT, the PMG ceased purchasing 35MW telephones but many thousands of them remained in service, some as late as 1965.  Many of these telephones were refurbished and used for new installations when other standard telephones were not available due to shortages.  These were re-designated as 135MW and refitted with a Bakelite transmitter housing and a No.13 insert transmitter.  In 1942 some were rebuilt in the PMG Workshops and fitted with a No.164 handset.  These were re-designated as the 235MW.

Telephone 135MWH had a 2000 ohm bell coil.

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Type 35MW (British Ericsson)


Type 35MW (British Ericsson)


Type 35MW (British Ericsson)



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