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Telephone No. 37AW - Automatic (Condenser)

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This small box wall phone was based on a British Post Office pattern, their Telephone No. 121.  With the invention of the Solid Back transmitter by White of Western Electric, a smaller box set could now be used.  They were supplied by a number of overseas manufacturers including Peel Conner, British General Electric (GEC) and British Ericsson (ETL).  A variety of local manufacturers also produced parts for the PMG (Sydney) Workshops assembled instruments.  Much of the timber used for the cases is of local Australian variety and is the reason for the wide range and variations in colour and grain found in these telephones. In Australia it was known as the Type 37CBW (CB version) or Type 37AW (Automatic version).  The Solid Back transmitter was replaced later on by the more efficient Bakelite cased inset capsule transmitter and the model number changed to Telephone No. 137.  In a final modification a handset was added on a modified switch hook and the model re-designated the Telephone No. 237.

Some phones were fitted with a control lock.

In slightly differing styles it was made initially by Siemens, Peel Conner, ATM, British Ericsson and Phoenix in Britain.  Some were also made up in local timber by the PMG Workshops.  The case dimensions are similar to those of the BPO Bellset No. 1.  The early Ericsson version was also available with their decorative pressed steel mount and "barrel" transmitter.  Some were brought in for CB use, with the dial hole filled with a wooden plug.  This allowed conversion to automatic later.

Early auto models were fitted with a black oxidised fingerplate on the No. 8 and No. 10 dials (these dials had a smaller centre label holder).  The black plate was replaced by a stainless steel "StayBrite" fingerplate about 1930, with a larger diameter label holder.

Early variants were made by Ericsson (ref - 1914 PMG Circuit Book).

If a diagram is prefixed with the letters "KS" is fitted inside the case, then the telephone was made by GEC.

Similar telephones can be found with black painted metal cases.  These were made in the USA by Stromberg Carlson, their Type 1157.  Some have been found to be installed by the APO.

Taken from Bob's Old Phones

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Circuit Diagrams

Drawing C481


GEC Diagram KS6834

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