Australian Post Office
Telephone No. 765

Some of the phones arrived with a wooden plug covering a dial cut out in the front of the case. Some phones were converted to automatic working, but the practice does not appear to have been general policy. The PMG's stated policy was that customers would be provided with a new model phone if the service was converted to automatic. With the introduction of Bakelite phones the conversion of this model was never necessary, and most phones fitted with dials are later private conversions.

The Type 765 was available in MW, CBW and AW variants.  In its MW configuration, it resembled the 35/135MW in size and shape but the circuit was designed so that, by changing the coil and a few straps, the phone became a Common Battery (CBW) type. If a dial was added then it became an Automatic (AW) type. 

The 765MW used a standard induction coil No 12 (1/25ohms) but, when converted to Common Battery or automatic working, a Coil Induction No. 15 was substituted (1/19/38ohms). 

The No. 765MW, however, was also used in auto areas on party lines where the magneto signalling was still needed.  There were few of these.

The picture at the bottom of the page shows an example in oak instead of the more common walnut.  It shows the Inset transmitter added to the older mount, and the plug in the dial hole.

Taken from Bob's Old Phones


Type 765MW



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Last revised September 01, 2022