Australian Post Office
Standard Numbering Scheme 1914

No.1            Telephone Magneto Wall, Commonwealth Type
No.3            Telephone Magneto Wall, Ericsson Type A
No.5            Telephone Magneto Wall, Bridging Type (B.I.H. Co.)
No.7            Telephone Magneto Wall, Bridging Type (Hunning's. Cone)
No.9            Telephone Magneto Wall, Bridging Type (Deville)
No.11          Telephone Magneto Wall, Bridging Type (W.E. Deville)
No.13          Telephone Magneto Wall, Non-bridging Type (Hunning's. Cone)
No.15          Telephone Common Battery Wall, (W.E. Type)
No.17          Telephone Common Battery Wall, (B.I. Type)
No.19          Telephone Common Battery Wall, (G.E. Type)
No.21          Telephone Common Battery Wall, (Ericsson Type)
No.23          Telephone Common Battery Wall, Party Line (Ericsson Type)
No.25          Telephone Common Battery Wall, Two Party Line (Ericsson Type)
No.27          Telephone Common Battery Wall, Main Set and Extension Switch (W.E. Type)
No.29          Telephone Common Battery Wall, Extension Set with Generator (W.E. Type)
No.31          Telephone Automatic Wall, (Geelong)
No.33          Telephone Automatic Wall, with control lock (Automatic Electric Coy. Type)
No.35          Telephone Automatic Wall, Party Line (Geelong)
No.37          Telephone Condenser, (Ericsson Type)
No.39          Telephone Condenser, Buzzer
No.41          Telephone Condenser, Closed Circuit Buzzer
No.43          Telephone Condenser, Open Circuit Buzzer
No.45          Telephone Phonopore

No.2            Telephone Magneto Table, Commonwealth Type
No.4            Telephone Magneto Table, Bridging Type (Ericsson Type)
No.6            Telephone Common Battery Table, Series with Electro-magnetic (G.E. Type)
No.8            Telephone Common Battery Table, (Ericsson. Type)
No.10          Telephone Common Battery Table, (Ericsson. Type)
No.12          Telephone Common Battery Table, (B.I. Type)
No.14          Telephone Common Battery Table, (W.E. Type)


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Last revised April 03, 2010