Autodial No. 104

Autodial No. 104, sales name XL Callmaker, supersedes the Key Callmaker (Autodial 101A).

This Callmaker provides designated push button selection and automatic dialling from a repertoire of 46 telephone numbers. The built-in keypad for entering numbers into the electronic store can also be used to make other calls. Also featured is a 'try again' facility; the last number manually called is held temporarily in a special memory and can be dialled again automatically by the depression of a 'Repeat' button. The setting up of a call can be monitored by a small loudspeaker with three position volume control. During a call the loudspeaker can be brought into use if required to provide a 'listen only' facility.

Additional details
The XL Callmaker is two-tone grey, light grey upper casing, dark grey base and is for desktop use only. It measures approximately 285mm x 198mm x 95mm and weighs about 2.3 kg.

In addition to a standard telephone instrument the XL Callmaker also requires a PO Power Unit No. 53. In case of mains power failure two internal chargeable batteries protect the electronic store for up to 72 hours.

The 46 number capacity is provided by 23 address buttons each capable of identifying two separate numbers of up to 20 digits. The integral keypad for programming the number store can also be used instead of the dial (or keypad) on the associated telephone instrument to call numbers not held in the repertoire. The amplifier and loudspeaker for monitoring the progress of a call 'cuts out' when the telephone handset is lifted. If the monitor button 'M' is kept depressed while the handset is replaced the loudspeaker will remain operative.

Other buttons are for On-Off control and for programming the store.

Autodial 104A - loop disconnect signalling version
Autodial 105A - multi/frequency signalling version

The XL Callmaker was introduced in 1979 and on rental terms only.

Taken from the Post Office New Product Bulletin 3/77

The Autodial No. 104 is wired to diagram - N2313.


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Last revised: December 31, 2022