Autophone Aristocrat FL-50

The stylish design of this telephone owes something to the Swedish Ericsson’s Dialog, with the addition of an American-style handset and a German dial.  The wall version looked rather ungainly, made up as a desk set mounted upside down, with metal brackets to hold the handset in place vertically.  Its good looks were not matched by its construction, which as with all other Autophone products, was a masterpiece of value engineering (in other words, flimsy and barely up to the job).  The plastic was excessively brittle and its pigments have faded badly in most surviving examples, making good specimens very hard to find.  Secretarial plansets made use of a plinth with press buttons.

Black, Dawn Grey, Olive Green, Classic Ivory and Sand Beige.

PAX systems installed by the British Home & Office Telephone Company and its subsidiaries. Numbers were also exported to Canada, where they were just as unpopular as in Britain.

FL-50 Table model FL-50 Wall model


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Last revised: November 08, 2021