The company
Autophone was the manufacturing arm of the British Home and Office Telephone Company, having a factory in Wimbledon. Before and just after the war they imported phones from T&N in Germany, but later they made (or at least assembled) a strange near look-a-like of the BPO Tele. 332. There is also a wall version of this telephone, with a steel case and a handset hanging down by the left.

Autophone of Wimbledon, south London in the 1950's were an OEM company that sold only to their sister company British Home & Office Telephone Company (BHOTCo), Birmingham Telephone Company (BTC), Dictograph Telephones Ltd, Shipton and no doubt to others as well.

(Head Office) 73 Great Peter Street, SW1 ....... ABBey 6242
(Works) 539 Wandsworth Rd, SW8 ....... MACauley 2381

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Last revised: November 08, 2021