Public Coin Box using
Boxes, Coin Collecting No. 6

This coin box is used with wall telephones on PBX circuits.  The lock and key are provided by the subscriber.  The unit comes with fixing screws, a Box, Cash No. 4 and a Buzzer No. 6.

Any ordinary telephone could be connected to these coin boxes.

It accepts 1d coins and when they were deposited, on the instruction of the telephone operator, and the knob turned and a buzzer circuit operated.  This allowed the telephone operator to count the number of coins inserted. 

The box is made of tin plate box and painted black.  A hole in the front engages on a brass peg and with the addition of a padlock allowed the front to be secured.  On the inside of the front, above and beneath the hole are two metal strips.  Each strip has two holes that have been tapped with a thread. It was possible that a lock could be fixed on the inside of the front to secure it instead of the peg arrangement.

A circuit diagram is affixed to the inside of the front cover and this shows the electrical operation of mechanism and also indicates that the manufacturer was B.L.M.E. Co. Ltd of Beeston.




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Last revised: January 19, 2023