Boxes, Coin, Collecting No. 14E

The Boxes Coin Collecting No. 14E were used in customers premises on a rental basis.  They are of the Pre-payment type.  The cash container lock was on the lower front of the box and the customer had a key.  It was the customers responsibility to expected empty the cash container on a regular basis.  The customer kept the money and used this to pay the rental and call charges.

This box introduced a new style plug and socket system for the Mechanism and an internal Bellset.  This arrangement meant that the box was effectively self contained with no need for any external equipment.

The Bellset used was dependant on the type of exchange the coinbox was connected to.

They all use the Mechanism No. 14

The Mechanism No. 14D was introduced when the UK converted to decimal currency.

In areas where malicious people pushed foreign objects into the coin slots a special hood could be fitted to prevent this.  See picture below.

Variants for customers premises
Box, Coin-collecting, No. 14A - Used until 1935.
Box, Coin-collecting, No. 14E - Used from 1935.

Boxes Coin Collecting No. 14E and No. 14ED
1 x Container No. 10A.
1 x Mechanism No. 14 for BCC No. 14E or Mechanism No. 14D for BCC No. 14ED.
1 x Front No. 5.

To be requisitioned separately as required:-
4 x Boxes C.C. Parts: Bolts No. 1A for Wallboards D 90650, D 90651, or
4 x Boxes C.C. Parts: Bolts No. 1B for Backboards No. 1, or
4 x Boxes C.C. Parts: Bolts No. 2A for Wallboards D 60577, D 63747 and 48" x 29.75".
1 x Lock No. 39.
1 x Adapter No. 2.
1 x Scraper No. 1.
1 x Bellset (type dependant on exchange connected to).
1 x Locks No. 31 or 39 - Engineering cover.
1 x Locks No. 14 - Cash compartment.

Hood fitted over coin slots to prevent vandalism


Cover removed, with mechanism in the open position exposing a Bellset No. 40.



Layout in Director Exchange areas Layout in Non-Director Exchange area

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Box, Coin-collecting, No. 14A Box, Coin-collecting, No. 14E


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