No. 725E

3 Internal
Issue 1, OCT 1981


The Boxes, Coin Collecting 725E is suitable for use as a wall mounted, portable (as in picture), or trolley mounted payphone.

The Boxes, Collecting 725E is a combined telephone, bell, and coinbox for use in locations where a wall mounted coinbox is required.  The 725E can also be trolley mounted (using Trolley 4C) or fitted with a carrying handle (Holder 1C - chrome finish on early versions or Holder 1D - black stove enamel finish on later versions).  The dimensions of the unit are:- height 360 mm, width 300 mm, depth 180 mm and weight with the cash container is 12 Kg.

The coin box is finished in yellow and has a black moulded unit which houses the dial and receiver rest, and supports the vertically mounted integral black handset.  The operating instructions are printed in black on a polished steel plate and located adjacent to the coin-slots on the left. front-face of the coin box.

The Boxes, Coin Collecting 725E offers the same facilities as the existing 700D, but with the advantage of an integral telephone instrument. Plan 1A non-coin collecting extensions can be provided in conjunction with a 725E.

The 725E should be installed in accordance with Diagram N825.  Plan 1A arrangements see diagram N4663.

The following items should be requisitioned:-

  • Boxes, Coin Collecting 725E
  • Lock No. 2/42

A Lock No. 1/41A will be issued by the Distribution Officer, and the key will be issued to the customer direct.

A Latch Plate and Latch Bracket will be found taped to the inside of the cash container (KIT 319B).

If the 725E is to be mounted in a Trolley 4C or a Holder Coinbox 1C or 1D a plug and cord will be required.  This can be ordered as:-

  • Plug 420 with Cord Inst No. 4/97AD Black 300".

Fitting Instructions
Remove the mechanism and the cash compartment.

Fit the Lock No. 2/42 into the black moulded case which houses the telephone equipment.  Note that the spacing washer should be fitted inside the moulded case.

The cover locking bracket should be adjusted so that the cover can be fitted and locked without difficulty.  If the cover is loose, or tight the correct adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the locking bracket.  Slacken the two screws securing it to the inclined mounting plate, and slide it up or down as necessary i.e. up if the cover is a slack fit or down if the locking engagement is tight.

The Lock Lever must be adjusted so that it just touches the front edges of the Locking Bracket slots, resulting in just perceptible play when the telephone unit is moved back and forth by holding it below the lock.  The lever position can be adjusted as required by screwing the lever positioning nut in or out (as a guide approximately two threads should be showing).

To enable the black moulded case to be locked easily the two screws mounted on brackets at the top and bottom of the case should be adjusted so that when the case is pushed home, the Lock Lever is in line with the Locking Bracket slots.

Fit the Lock 1/41A to the cash box. Care should be taken to ensure this lock is the right way up (i.e. the lock number to the top). Insert the lock barrel through the aperture in the cash compartment.  The Latch Bracket should be fitted over the lock and fixed in position using the spacing washer and securing nut.  The Latch Plate should be removed from the Latch Bracket to enable the Lock Lever to be located.

It will be necessary to adjust the Lock Lever so that it enters the Latch Plate without fouling it in any way.

The Locking Clip (tab) and the Lock Nut should be positioned on the Lock Barrel. A suitable tab should be bent down over the flat of the Lock Nut.

Wall Mounted 725E
Use the three holes in the back of the case.  Cable access is via the hole in the case that has a grommet.

No extra spacing washers are required for the anchor points to overcome case irregularities as in previous 725 models.

Trolley Mounted 725E
A Trolley 4C uses the same three holes in the back of the case.  The top keyhole should be modified by adding the extra yellow plate between the back of the case and the Trolley this enables the top fixing screw of the Trolley 4C to be easily located.  This also improves the appearance.

Holder Coinbox 1C or 1D
This carrying handle can be attached to the 725E in a similar manner as the Trolley 4C (see picture at top of page).

Replace the mechanism.  It may be necessary to adjust the back-stop mounted on the case to allow the mechanism to align over the coin entry slots.

Field trailed in late 1976 and nationally introduced around 1978
The original CCB 725B could only be wall mounted.

Additional Information

Uses a Mechanism No. 25.
Front No. 16.
Container cash No. 8.

To be requisitioned separately as required:-

Holder, Coin Box, No. 1C (for portable version).

Trolley, No. 4C (for mobile version).

Diagram - N825.

The telephony components are called a Telephone No. 787.

Descriptive Leaflet DLE530


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