BELL No. 44

Trembler bell with single 4 inch diameter nickel-plated gong (Bell-gong No. 7).

Originally wooden cased with later models being plastic cased.

Bell No. 44A - Wooden cased - Used on House Systems.
Bell No. 44B - Wooden cased.
Bell No. 44C - Wooden on a black moulded Bakelite base.

Height 10.5 inches.

No. 44A - (2 x 5 ohm coils).
No. 44C - 10v-50v DC single gong bell (2 x 1000 ohm coils).
No. 44D - 2v-10v DC single gong bell (2 x 50 ohm coils).

The Mark 3 was introduced in 1955.

The Bell No. 44A was used on House Systems.

Drawing - 90488.

Diagram - N644.

Specification - S525.

Bell No. 44C - External view Bell No. 44C - View with cover removed
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Last revised: December 02, 2023