BELL No. 60A

Solenoid gong movement used in Lantern, P.A. No. 1.

Bell No. 60A Unmounted
The dome of the “Lantern P.A. No. 1” is made of bell metal and a “Bell No. 60A Unmounted” may be fitted inside this when an intermittent audible signal is required in conjunction with the flashing signal light.

Solenoid coils are 300 ohms each.

The bell is a solenoid gong movement, and is arranged to provide for working on 100 - 130 volt D.C.; 200 - 260 volt D.C.; or 200 - 260 volt AC.

This bell was requisitioned separately when required.

The picture below shows Bell mounted under the dome of the Lantern.



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Last revised: September 10, 2019