BELLS No. 64

Bell No. 64D Bell No. 64E Bell No. 64F

Magneto bell (AC).  The bells above are the same as the A, B and C variants, except these variants were issued without a cowl and gasket and were used internally only.

Used internally or externally and has a 1000 ohm bell ringer.

The base plate is universal and as made so that any of the different sized gongs can be fitted.  Bell No's 64D, 64E and 64F were supplied without the Cowl, Bell No. 64 and Gaskets Bell No. 64 and it is thought that the GPO dropped the Bell No. 64A, 64B and 64C indoor versions and just supplied the Bell No. 64D, 64E and 64F versions fitted with the gasket, whilst the cowl could be ordered separately if required.

Adjustment of the bell gongs is by rotation of the gongs, whilst adjustment of the Cow gongs is by adjustment of the gong support pillars.

Produced by GEC and introduced around 1939 and available until the late 1980's..

Bell No. 64D - 2.5in round gong - Bell-gongs No. 2.
Bell No. 64E - 4in round gong - Bell-gongs No. 7.
Bell No. 64F - 2.5in x 1.5in Cow gongs - Bell-gongs No. 12 (see below).

Bell No. 64A superseded Bell No. 1A.

Bell No. 64F


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Last revised: November 06, 2023