BELL No. 80

Bell No. 80 has a metal case (later variants have a plastic case - which looks metallic) which must be connected to a protective earth if mounted within normal reach. Cabling should be disconnected at distant end before approaching a Bell 80D on installation or maintenance visits.

Bell No. 80A = Superseded Bell No. 67. Magneto (new style ringer), for indoor and outdoor use on 17 or 25 Hz with 120mm and 150mm gongs.

Bell No. 80B = Superseded Bell No. 80A. Similar to Bell No. 80A but with redesigned method of fixing.

Bell No. 80D = High Impedance 'under-dome' (150mm gong) loud bell, available on rental terms only.

All the above calling devices are line powered only. Originally made for BT by Mekelek Ltd, now made by Gemini Connections Ltd.

Bell 80D - S/100013/D/021382.

Bell 80D - for interior or sheltered exterior use, up to 105 dB output requires cabling to PST system. Measures approx. 175mm x 150mm x 115mm, weight 1324 grams. Requires 2 rust-resistant No.10 round head screws, should be mounted 'high' for maximum range, cable entry grommet may be removed to provide 20 mm conduit entry.

REN = 1

When wall mounted, the Bell 80D cable entry should face downwards. Where necessary Bell 80D may be earthed by secure connection to conduit or earthing bush fitted to cable entry.

Where the addition of bells tone or callers results in ringing difficulties because the system is approaching or exceeding REN limitations or capacity of PBX Night bell port, it may be necessary to fit a 'Convertor Ringing 15' to boost ringing output.
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Last revised: November 28, 2010