Wooden Bellset used on BCC No. 14 in Magneto areas.  Only one variant, the Mark 234.

Fitted on the backboard in kiosks.

The housing is called a Case No. 1 and could be constructed of American Walnut, Black Chuglam, Pyinma, Halou, Tasmanian Myrtle or African Mahogany.

Comprised of:-
1 x Coil, Induction No. 14.
1 x Condenser MC No. 102.
1 x Bell No. 1A (unmounted).
1 x Bell-gong No. 2.
1 x Bell-gong No. 2A.
1 x Coil, Resistor No. 12 (120 ohms).

Introduced circa 1931.

Diagram - N530.
Drawing - 9457.

Adjustment of Magneto bells





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