For use with Telephone No. 246, Black or phonogram terminations of Automatic or C.B. manual exchange lines or P.B.X. extensions at the Western Union Telegraph Companies offices.  Introduced circa 1937.

This Bellset is similar to Bellset No. 26 but with the addition of Coil Induction No. 27 (shown to the right of the bell ringer). 

The original bell sets were produced with a square capacitor and from the mid 1950's a cylindrical capacitor was fitted (see picture below).

The Bellset is usually wall mounted and the cover was produced in plastic in the colours black, red, green and ivory.

The covers were Part No. 1/SCO/1 Colour, the black being produced in Phenolic Resin, Type GX (Specs BS771 & S116) and the three colours in Diakon, Grade L.A. (Spec S116).

The early cased bell sets could be fixed under a 100 or 200 type table telephone.  Special fixing screws are required which supplied as standard on the earlier bell sets.   A Cord, Inst., No. 4/51H, Brown, 9" or Cord., Inst., No 5/22H, Brown, 9" would also be required.

Could also be used with a Telephone No. 246 & Headset No. 1 in Auto and CB areas.

Bellset includes (1946 and 1956):-
1 x Bell No. 59A, Unmounted.
1 x Bell-gong No. 2, Nickelled.
1 x Bell-gong No. 2A, Nickelled.
1 x Clip No. 29.
1 x Coil, Induction, No. 27.
1 x Condenser, M.C., No. 102 (1946) or 1 x Capacitor, Paper, No 7705 (1956).
2 x Parts, No. 2/SSC/17.
1 x Parts, No. 1/SGU/1 (Black)
1 x Parts, No. 1/SCO/1 (Black)
2 x Washers, Locking, No. 1210 (1946) or 2 x Washers, Locking, No. 1-2 BA (1956).

Circuit diagram - N537.
Drawing No. - 63049.

Adjustment of Magneto bells

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How to spot a reproduction Bakelite Bellset cover

Covers and dimensions

Interior view

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