Improved version of Bellset No. 39

This Bellset consists of a base unit, complete with switch unit, buzzer, two push buttons and indicator flap. This combination does not contain a bell, a bell was always fitted externally to the unit, along with two R40 Batteries (1.5v each) which are used to power the intercom facility and buzzers.

Can be used on Shared Service and PBX circuits with recall.

Used on extension plans 5 & 7 in Auto and CB areas and has to have a Telephone No. 248 fitted on top.

The press buttons and labels are stored inside the Bellset and fitted, as appropriate, at installation.

Made by GEC - click here for more details

The Bellset No. 44 can be easily identified from a Bellset No. 39 as the Bellset No. 44 has the indicator to the left of the sliding switch and the press buttons are cream coloured plastic.

For more information go to the Bellset No. 39 page.  Superseded the Bellset No. 39C in 1954.

Bellset includes (1956):-
1 x Block Terminal No. 20/12, Black.
1 x Key No. 318A.
1 x Key No. 318B.
2 x Capacitors, Paper, No. 7707.
1 x Cord, Inst., No. 9/19H, Brown, 54".
1 x Labels No. 332 C.
1 x Labels No. 332 E.
1 x Labels No. 332 F.
1 x Labels No. 332 H.
1 x Labels No. 332 J.
1 x Buzzer No. 30A, unmounted.
1 x Indicator No. 4013A.
1 x Rectifier-element No. 1/12A.
1 x Key No. 317
1 x Resistor, Coil No. 15 - 300 ohms.

To be requisitioned separately when "Operator Recall" facility is required:-
1 x Labels No. 332 G.
1 x Labels No. 332 K.

Click here for the difference between a Bell and a Bellset

How to convert your Bellset 44 to work with plug and socket

Diagram for 1 extension working (Plan 7) - N4310.

Diagram for 2 extension working (Plan 5) - N4308.

Diagram for Bellset No. 44 - N544.

Bellset No. 44 - as supplied
Bellset No. 44 - with both pushbuttons installed
Bellset No. 44 - Internal View
Note the two push buttons in the unused (parked) position
( lower front left and right)


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