This is a mains powered, pre-payment phone which accepts 2p, l0p and 50p coins. Once coins have been inserted, a visual display shows the credit available at the start of and throughout the call. There are no speech interruptions when coins are put in during a call. Wholly unused coins are returned at the end of the call. Also, irrespective of the order in which coins are inserted, the coins which are kept to pay for your call are selected so as to maximise your refund.

If there is sufficient credit left in the payphone other calls can be made by pressing the follow on call button. This will give the dialling tone without collecting the payment required for your previous call.

The Blue Payphone 1 has a push button keypad making dialling fast and easy and there is full operator access and free 999 calls.

This payphone is also capable of automatically reporting faults to the local payphone maintenance centre and cash box condition to the local accounting group.

Height 530 x Width 362 x Depth 284 (All measurements in mm).
Weight 43.5kg (with full cash box).

This payphone incorporates all the features of Blue Payphone 1, such as:-

  • Easy local STD and international dialling.

  • Pressure-free coin slot with no interruptions to speech if coins are inserted during a call.

  • Follow on calls with remaining credit.

  • Up to fifteen-coin insertion advance.

  • Full visual display of minimum fee and Credit Remaining.

  • "Cash Box Full' sensor to help prevent coin jamming.

  • Full operator service, including free 999 calls.

  • Identification tone on incoming and operator connected calls.

It will also take most denominations of coins: 2p, 5p, l0p, 20p, 50p and 1 coins.

Height 744 x Width 260 x Depth 130  (All measurements in mm).
Weight 4lkg

Blue Payphone 1 Blue Payphone 2



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Last revised: January 28, 2020