Phonecard Payphone
The wall-mounted Phonecard Payphone is, quite simply, the most secure BT payphone you can get because there is no cash to steal from it.

The Phonecard Payphone is ideal for unsupervised sites, especially those where theft and vandalism pose a problem. It is also popular in larger venues where it is often positioned alongside coin-operated models.

If you’re tired of being asked for change for phone calls, the Phonecard Payphone puts a stop to that for good.

Instead of badgering you for coins, your customers will be asking you for BT Phonecards, on which you can earn a healthy 10% commission.

The Phonecard Payphone is available in dark grey/cream only.

No-one need be cut off
The visual display ensures your customers need never be cut off in mid-sentence. During a call it shows them the reducing number of units remaining on their Phonecards. It also flashes to warn customers that their Phonecard is running out, so that they have enough time to insert a new one before they are cut off.

There’s additionally a warning credit expiry tone that lets customers know up to 30 seconds before they’re going to be cut off (except where a Phonecard has only one unused unit left on it at the beginning of a call).

Customers who want to continue their conversation on a new Phonecard simply press the Change Phonecard button as soon as they hear the credit expiry tone.

Watching over your payphone
It is not easy for people to make reverse charge calls to this payphone at your expense, or for your customers to get connected to another number for free when they shouldn’t be.

The Phonecard Payphone produces a warning tone which alerts the operator to the fact that the person answering or speaking to them is using a payphone.

However, international reverse charge calls to your payphone cannot always be prevented in this way.

The only sure way to prevent any reverse charge calls being made to your payphone is to bar incoming calls altogether, which we can arrange for you for a small charge if you ask.

Calling the world
Your customers can make local, national, international and 999 calls using this payphone. They can also speak to the operator on 100 and have access to BT’s Chargecard service.

Help for the hard of hearing
An inductive coupler is fitted in the earpiece. It is designed solely to improve the clarity of incoming speech and reduce background noise for people wearing post aural hearing aids (which should be set to the T position). It does not affect the payphone in any other way.

Vital statistics
Weight 11.5 kg (25.3 lb).
Dimensions 260mm (10.2 in.) wide by 300mm (11.8 in.) deep by 400mm (15.6 in.) high.
Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) 1.

This payphone receives meter pulsing signals from the exchange, which means that the BT engineer will have to make a connection to the main earthing terminal on your premises. This is usually located next to the main fuse box. If you do not have a main earthing terminal, your local electricity board will install one for you (it must be in place before the BT engineer visits). The Phonecard Payphone must be connected to a mains power supply using a proprietary brand clock connector and must be installed within 3 metres of a power socket. You cannot connect an extension phone to a
Phonecard Payphone.

Taken from the BT brochure Payphones for Business (PHME 6675/4/91)


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Last revised: November 03, 2021