BT Ultimate 106

1 line telephone system with up to 6 extensions. Call Director routes calls to relevant extension only and faxes can be directed straight to the fax machine or individual voicemail for each extension. Music can be played whilst callers are on hold and compatibility with CD player enables personal recordings to be played.

Extension numbering is 11 to 16.  Extension 11 is also the mains fail extension and master extension and should be located close to the system.  The system is connected to the network via a standard telephone lead.

Features include:

  • One external and up to 2 internal calls at any one time
  • Call barring and pickup from any extension
  • Automatic call back advises when the line or another extension is free
  • Choose between a central answering machine or individual mail boxes (max 6) on each extension
  • Voicemail can be assigned to each extension- up to 49 minutes recording time
  • 50 number memory with voice tags - for speed dialling and caller ID
  • Call Director automatically routes calls to the relevant extension/person, without disturbing anyone
  • Use one of the extensions as a dedicated fax line
  • Conference calling
  • Music on hold
  • Privacy on all extensions prevents others listening in
  • Payphone extension - connect a payphone to an extension without having to dial 9 for an external line
  • Day and night service modes
  • Caller ID (available only if BT's Caller Display Service is activated)
  • Optional door intercom/entry system



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Last revised: November 23, 2021