APPROVAL No. S/3008/G/45239

The BT Consort 1 + 4 is a single line multi-feature telephone system (i.e. 1 exchange line plus up to 4 units) comprising 1 main and up to 3 extension units into which standard telephones are plugged to provide a plan 105/107 replacement with hold, enquiry, transfer, bell off, buzz, intercom and paging facilities.

Made by Rathdown Industries Limited.

Approved for plug in connection to the PSTN or extension of a PBX. A locking bar MUST be fitted to the Line Jack Units into which the Consort system cords (6 wire) are plugged. This requirement applies to both PSTN and PBX connection. Consort is approved for DIY wiring and is exempt from the pre-connection inspection and approved maintainer requirements.

Maximum Main to Extension Unit cabling (using cable 2503F) is limited to 80ohms maximum, star or serial wired (80ohms approximates to 275 cable metres). Any telephone approved to BS6317 may be connected to the main or extension unit.

The main unit provides an earth recall signal of 300 + 10 m secs. A modified main unit with an early recall signal of 1.2 seconds is available for systems (e.g. PABX 4) requiring a longer recall signal.

Ensure that the line voltage setting switches on the main unit are in the correct position for DEL/PABX working - 50 volt (position A) or PABX working (older Mitel systems and PMBX 1) - 25 volt (position B).

The main unit can be identified as it is the only unit to have a mains adapter and night service button.

Each extension unit must have it's own unique address and this is set on a bank of switches on the rear of each extension unit.  The address of the main unit is always 4 and does not need to be set.


All 6 wires must be connected at every socket within the extension cabling.  One of the LJU's must be a master.

LJU connection Wire Colour
1 Green/White
2 Blue/White
3 Orange/White
4 White/Orange
5 White/Blue
6 White/Green

New units have a manufacturers warranty of 24 months from the date of manufacture, refurbished units a 12 months warranty from the date of refurbishment.
The date can be identified by the first four digits (YY WW) of the 11 digit serial number marked on the underside of each unit. Refurbished items have, in addition, a letter "R" after the serial number.

Consort Main Module                             870286
Comprises main unit, 1 LJU 2/3A, 1 locking bar and IDT tool.
Consort extension kit                           870283
Comprises Extension Unit, 1 LJU 2/3A, 1 locking bar and IDT tool.
Consort 1 + 2 Starter Kit                       870282
Contains Main Unit, Extension Unit, 2 LJU's 2/3A, 2 locking bars, IDT tool.
Consort Starter Kit (Modified RECALL)           870372
Consort Wall Bracket                     	870288
Consort Plinth                             	870308
Block Terminal 77A                         	436733
Line Jack Unit 2/3A                             373900
Locking Bar                               	436491
Consort Main Unit (Refurbished)            	870361
Consort Extension Unit (Refurbished)            870289

Loop seizure
Idle : 5.5 M ohms 6nF
Seized: 227 ohms
Hold: 212 ohms

Consort is not suitable for C-Wire supervision recall.  If earth recall is needed then connect an earth to pin 4 on the master LJU. TBR is provided by the telephone used.

Locking bars MUST be fitted to the Consort system LJU's (2/3A's). A locking bar is not required on the DEL or PABX LJU. Locking bars are included in the Consort Kits.

The PSU reduces the supply voltage to 18v rms.

LD and MF telephones can both be used - dependant on the main exchange.


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Last revised: December 04, 2010