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Storing Numbers in Memory

You can store up to 10 numbers.

  1. Pick up the handset or press MONITOR.
  2. Press STORE.
  3. Press one of the memory keys.
  4. Key in the phone number you want to store.
  5. Press STORE again.
  6. Replace the handset or press MONITOR as appropriate.
  7. Write down the name of the person whose number you have just stored.

When storing numbers you may hear dialling tone and various other messages which come from the exchange. You should ignore these whilst programming numbers in the memory stores.

Dialling Stored Numbers

  1. Pick up the handset or press MONITOR.
  2. Press the memory key of the number you want to call. The Converse 180 will automatically dial the number.

Using SAVE
SAVE allows you to either store a number you have just dialled into the Save memory store or Save number given by a caller whilst on a call.

  1. To save a number you have dialled, just Press the SAVE button after dialling your number. This automatically transfer that number to the save memory store.
  2. Whilst on call you can store a telephone number given by the caller by Pressing STORE then SAVE followed by the number then STORE again.

To recall the content of SAVE, lift the handset or press Monitor then Press the SAVE button.

On-Hook Dialling

  1. Press MONITOR.
  2. The red light will come on.
  3. When you hear the dialling tone, dial the number required.
  4. If the call is answered, then pick up the handset. The light will go out.
  5. Replace the handset when finished

Keeping The Stored Numbers
If the phone is unplugged from it’s socket, the numbers will be held in memory will remain for five minutes.


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Last revised: April 14, 2021