Non BT Service Codes 

These codes tend to be used by cable companies who use a Nortel DMS 100 Switch in favour of GPT/Plessey (now Marconi) System X which is used by BT


Call forward universal (call divert) on        *70 Followed by destination number

 Call forward universal off                           #70

 Call forward on busy                                   *76 Followed by destination number

 Call forward on busy off                             #76

 Call forward on no reply                             *77 Followed by destination number

 Call forward on no reply off                       #77

 Call transfer                                               “Recall” Followed by destination number

 Conference call                                          “Recall” Followed by 3rd party number

                                                                     On answer press “Recall” to begin conference

 Call hold                                                     “Recall”*97

 Ring again (camp on busy)                        On receiving busy tone press

                                                                     “Recall”*84 and replace handset

 Last number redial                                     ##

 Call waiting                                                 “Recall” puts first caller on

                                                                      Hold and allows you to speak new caller. To switch between

                                                                      Callers press “Recall”

Call waiting off                                             *72

Call pick up                                                  *82

Reminder call                                               *73 (24 hour clock time)#

Cancel reminder call                                    #73

Call barring override                                    *80 (4 digit pin no.)

Retrieve voice mail                                      1711 (Mail box will request PIN default is 2580)

Set voice mail                                               This is the same as for call Diversion ie; for voice mail

                                                                       To answer on no reply Dial*77 1711

                                                                      Or to answer on busy Dial *76 1711

                                                                      (both can be set at the same time)

Anonymous call rejection on                       1479

Anonymous call rejection off                       1478

Some of the above codes are only available on “Call manager” lines the technical term for these lines being “CENTREX” this is quite simply a marketing name for what BT would call DDI (Direct dialling in)

Thanks to Andrew Tebbutt for the above.

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Last revised: October 30, 2022