The GPO  would connect to ships in dock with a temporary exchange line.  In a lot of cases the telephone was presented in a wooden box, but Liners that required multiple lines would just have a temporary cable from the dockside to the boat.  The Liner lines would be accessed via jacks on the ships switchboard.

In the early 1950's the GPO made arrangements for temporary Coin Box Installations on boats.  These were a telephone and coin box in a wooden box.  These would be handed to the Port Authority and it was their responsibility to connect them up to the boats.

A complete Coin box Unit would consist of:-

  1. Case No. 71 or 72.
  2. Telephone with Bracket No. 12.
  3. Box, Coin-Collecting.
  4. Frame, Notice No. 17.
  5. Frame, Notice No. 18.
  6. Jack No. 19.
  7. Length of cable for shore connection.
  8. Set of Directories.

Picture dated 1938


Picture dated 1938

Swansea - Picture dated 1949

London - Picture dated 1949

London - Picture Date 1952

Provinces - Picture Dated 1952

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