APPROVAL No. NS/1412/3/C/022312

Made by Mitel the Entrepreneur is an analogue switch of maximum 4+10 capacity. Trunks are added in pairs. The system supports Pots (MF and LD) and Entrepreneur keyphones.

The trunks and private wire cards are the same as the Mitel SX10/SX20 range.

The system is programmed from the first extension port, the telephone being a POT or Featurephone.

Earlier firmware did not support private wire trunks.

Entrepreneur Electronic telephone - Loop Limit - 152m (500ft).
Standard telephone - LD (Rotary) or MF POT Telephones (Loop Limit 600 Ohms at 20mA).
Maximum of 2 Ringers per Extension.
Ring Frequency - 25Hz.
System Impedance - 600 Ohm.
Primary Power - 220 Volt, 50HZ.
Local Exchange Loop Limit - 1600 Ohm.
Environmental Requirements - 0-40 Degrees Celsius.
Relative Humidity - 10-90% (Non-Condensing).
Switching Unit Dimensions - 256mm x 115mm x 73mm.
Electronic Telephone Dimensions - 89mm x 165mm x 222mm.

Description					Part No
CCU, PSU and 4+8 complete			9172 000 010 BA
MAIN PCB					9103-001-000-BA
MEMORY PCB					9103-006-042
POWER SUPPLY UNIT				9103-008-000-NA
FIRMWARE GEN 142				9100-026-142-NA
SUPERSET 2					9172-000-010-BA


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Last revised: September 24, 2021