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315.jpg (12873 bytes)Magneto wall telephone

(Old Catalogue No. 315)

Framework polished walnut, constructed to hold 2 cells RK 240 or RK 410 (Old Cat. No. 596 or 590).

Transmitter RC 120 on arm RC 520.

Receiver RD 110 (No. 546) with cord RS 4300 (No. 2030) suspended on switch-hook.

Generator RH 3150, 3-magnet, which will ring satisfactorily through the ringer and a line resistance of 20000 ohms.

Ringer 300 ohms resistance.

This telephone is fitted with a paper clip.

Height of Backboard: 720 mm.
Width of Backboard: 215 mm.
Weight: 7.5 kg.


In both the 1905 and 1912 Ericsson Telephone Catalogue

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Last revised: May 20, 2022