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No's AC 400, AC 410, AC 420 & AC 440

Types AC 400, AC 410, AC 420 & AC 440

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Magneto Table Telephones
For use on magneto call and clear systems

MICRO-TELEPHONE. RE 1004 resting on a cradle switch with cord RS 6010, flexible cable RS 9620 (Old No. 2260) and terminal block with disc protector.

GENERATOR. For type, number of magnets, and line resistance through which they ring satisfactorily, see table below.

RINGER. For resistance see table below.

This telephone has enclosed line terminals and its base and side are made of black enamelled steel, and the top of pear-tree wood.

If required, and without extra cost, we can supply these types with the case enamelled to match walnut, and at an extra cost, we can supply them with two generator handles.

Overall dimensions 12.7 x 8.7 x 5.3 inches.

Type   Generator Type   No. of Magnets   Line resistance   Circuit Ringer resistance   Weight lbs.
AC 400 RH 3255   3 20,000 Series 300   10.6
AC 410 RH 4500   4 25,000 Series 300   11.5
AC 420 RH 4500   4 25,000 Series 300   11.5
AC 440 RH 4500 4 25,000 Bridging 1000 11.5
AC 440G      4   25,000 Bridging 1000   11.5

Telephones AC 420 and AC 440 are each provided with a press button, for cutting out the ringer coils and short circuiting the induction coil.

If specially ordered we supply telephone AC 440 without the press button, but with the connections so arranged that the ringer is cut out when the generator is operated, and in this case the press button is not provided.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1912

Also known as the APO Telephone No. 8MT.

AC400 AC420
with microphone trumpet missing


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