TELEPHONE No's AC 650 & AC 660

AC 650 & AC 660
Magneto table telephone

In the normal design the instrument's own bell does not ring when the generator handle is turned. The connecting strap in the terminal block, however, permits of a change in the connection so that the bell rings also for outgoing calls. For each instrument two dry cells RK 210 are required, which may be fitted in a battery case RK 2300. By means of a bracket RK 5010 the instrument may be used as wall set.

Microtelephone RE 1042 of black Bakelite with removable inset, transmitter RC 4000/ 40, 40 ohm and cord RS 6162, generator, see table below, with generator crank RH 200, case of black Bakelite, bell box, black-enamelled steel with 1000 ohms AC bell, terminal block, instrument cord RS 9509.
Model No. Generator Magnets Weight kg
AC 650 RH 2900 2 3.6
AC 660 RH 3900 3 3.7

Height 140 mm, width 233 mm, depth 175 mm.

Taken from the L. M. Ericsson Telephones and Signalling Material Catalogue No. 188 Supplement 5 (1938)

Additional Pictures
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