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Police Progress at Edinburgh
July 1933

Edinburgh; city and royal burgh, Capital of Scotland, with a population of over 427,000, and an area of over 32,000 acres, the largest urban police area in Scotland; brought into use, in the month of May, the new police organisation, planned by Roderick Ross, Esq., C.B.E., M.V.O., Chief Constable of the city. The force now operates on the “box system“ with its communications provided by an installation of the Ericsson Police Telephone and Signal System. Very great annual savings will result from this change in the organisation of the force, and the Chief Constable is to be congratulated upon bringing to a successful conclusion the many months of arduous preparatory work which ensured that, at zero hour, the new system came into operation without a hitch.

In the Edinburgh box system the Ericsson police telephone and signal system has been provided through the General Post Office on annual rental terms, and in the course of installation over 500 miles of underground and overhead circuits have been provided by the Sectional Engineer, J. Y. Ryder, Esq., and his staff. A task of this magnitude does not fall to the lot of the engineering staff in a section every day of the week, and considering that the work was undertaken in addition to the normal work of the section, it reflects to the credit of the installation staff.

The introduction of the new system has permitted the re-organisation of the City of Edinburgh police area into 5 districts, and has made it possible to close down no less than 25 police offices. The savings which will result from this, year by year, as may well be imagined, amount to an appreciable sum.

At the civic luncheon in connection with the inauguration of the Edinburgh system, the Lord Provost and other speakers paid very high tribute to the progressiveness and outstanding ability of the Chief Constable and his staff.

F. J. Crawley, Esq., Chief Constable of Newcastle-on-Tyne, pioneer of police box organisation, was present as an honoured guest, and unstinted acknowledgement of the help and advice he had afforded in the development of the scheme in Edinburgh was voiced by the Chief Constable of Edinburgh, and suitably acclaimed by the assembled company.

An accident at Edinburgh.  First Aid equipment available to the public at the police box has been brought into use and the car passenger is telephoning to the police station for an ambulance.


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